Section 1: Explore, Question, Discover

Coming Out as Ex-Religious or Secular

10.5 Steps to Coming Out as a Non-Believer by Recovering From Religion
Coming Out Conversations by Secular Safe House
 interviews with those who’ve come out of religions, cults, or as LGBTQ. Also, with secular activists and leaders.
Iron Chariots counter-apologetics wiki
, debunks common religious arguments for God/against atheism
Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist:
a book on coming out to parents and others by David McAfee
Openly Secular’s brochure for your religious parent
Openly Secular’s Guide to Being Openly Secular
: AWESOME thorough advice on how to plan coming out + counter common myths about secular people
Openly Secular’s Toolkits for Secular People:
on being secular in school, during holidays, as a Black person, etc. In English/Spanish.
r/atheismcomingout get advice on coming out as atheist or ex-religious
TheraminTrees YouTube video on how loved ones may respond when you come out

Gender, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, and Your Faith

Coming Out Conversations by Secular Safe House interviews with those who’ve come out of religions, cults, or as LGBTQ. Also, with secular activists and leaders.
Removing the Fig Leaf
Patheos contribution blog about unpacking religions’ negative effects on our sexuality
Secular Sexuality (Darrel Ray) podcast on removing religion from gender & sexuality

Want to talk? The Trevor Project has a chat, text, and call line for LGBTQ young people, especially for help with suicidal ideation.

Disclaimer: PLEASE let me know if the following resources aren’t truly affirming. They were suggested by PFLAG. I have checked them out but may have missed something.

Affirmation provides online educational resources + support for LGBTQ Mormons and their loved ones/church leaders
Family Acceptance Project 
booklet shares how Mormon families can support LGBTQ kids
Gay Mormon Reconciliation
 provides affirmative Scriptures and a fellowship for LGBTQ Mormons and their loved ones
LDS Family Fellowship
is a support org for LGBTQ Mormons and their loved ones
LGBTQ Therapists Guild is a directory of Utah therapists who self-identify as affirming
Mama Dragons is a group of Mormon mothers who support their LGBTQ children
PFLAG’s list of interfaith LGBTQ resources

Questioning Your Faith

Life After God’s rec’d books, articles, and videos for exploring doubts
Life After God’s private Facebook group
for explorers
Iron Chariots’ Flawed Arguments For God section
, a helpful wiki debunking common religious arguments for God/against atheism
Iron Chariots’ Flawed Arguments Against Atheism section
The Spectrum of Disbelief (Recovering from Religion):
defines different spiritual beliefs (polytheism vs. agnostic atheism, etc)


The Art of Leaving run by myself and a fantastic ex-cult survivor!
Spiritual Abuse Support run by a fellow survivor who I trust

Oy Vey Cartoons
cartoons by Shpitzle, a once-closeted ex-Hasidic woman
Resources for ex-Ultra Orthodox Jews
Shulem Deem
, ex-Orthodox Jew blogger and author

Homeschoolers Anonymous WordPress,
a platform for stories of former homeschoolers
No Longer Quivering
for ex-Quiverfulls and abused women
Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network

Under Much Grace exploring the phenomenon of spiritual abuse in Evangelical churches, and a member of SAS Blog Network

Ex-Christian blog posts by
Ex-Mormon bloggers by
Recovery from Mormonism
The Ex-Muslim 
is a blog by the Ex-Muslims of North America, from gender and human rights to memes and and voices

Online Support: Forums and Facebook Groups

Dear Formerly Religious Self write yourself a letter!
Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Recovery Support page

Life After God’s private FB group
for people transitioning out of religions
Life After God’s Facebook
page interesting articles & events!
No Longer Quivering Support Group

share your deconversion story, read others
r/atheismcomingout get advice on coming out as atheist or ex-religious
Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network
Subreddits for people questioning/leaving
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, LDS, JW, Catholicism, or Protestantism

Films, Documentaries, and Videos

Journey Free’s featured videos: Marlene Winell talks about RTS and recovery
Openly Secular videos by allies and ex-religious people of different genders & races
Prplfox’s YouTube deconversion story:
one bad night I watched it all in one go, and I still think about it to this day. Maybe it’ll give you hope too!
(YouTube) clearly explains how religious ideas get into our heads – look kinda funky, but they’re actually helpful!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
(Netflix) comedy show about a woman figuring out life after 10 years in an apocalyptic Christian bunker


The Afterlife for life after Hasidic Judaism
The Atheist Experience (Atheist Community of Austin)
a weekly live Internet TV show for atheists and believers (4:30-6 pm Central, Sundays)
Coming Out Conversations (Secular Safe House) 
interviews with those who’ve come out of religions, cults, or as LGBTQ. Also, with secular activists and leaders.
Godless Bitches (Atheist Community of Austin) to broadcast feminist/women’s voices in secular community
Humanize Me, by Bart Campolo, is a humanist podcast by a former Evangelical minister turned humanist chaplain
Leaving the Fold (BBC) with an ex-Hindu, ex-Muslim, and ex-Charismatic Evangelical
Life After God podcasts 
Non-Prophets Radio (Atheist Community of Austin) live Internet radio show (7:30 pm Central, first/third Weds of month)
Recovering from Religion podcasts suggest secular events/communities and resources
Secular Sexuality (Darrel Ray) removing religion from gender & sexuality