Recovery from spiritual harm/abuse

Becoming Free offers professional support groups for survivors of spiritual harm/abuse, as well as workshops for still-religious loved ones
Journey Free provides counseling for psychological healing
Life After God
is a safe space for people to explore doubts and reach their own conclusions
Meadow Haven
 and Wellspring are 2 US residential treatment centers for spiritual abuse/cult survivors
Recovering from Religion 
helps those questioning and leaving religion

Cult awareness and recovery

Families Against Cult Teachings raises awareness about cults in US and abroad
Freedom of Mind Resource Center 
offers info/advice on cults and how to get yourself or your loved one out; also offers support groups
International Cultic Studies Association
, founded 1979, is a global network of former high demand group (cult) members, helping professionals, and researchers
Open Minds Foundation offers useful info and help resources on “undue influence” in America (ie abuse, cults, obedience to authority figures, radicalization)

Find community: Ex-religious/secular/humanist organizations

Ex-Muslims of North America is an organization committed to reducing discrimination against, fostering communities for, and amplifying the voices of ex-Muslims
Foundation Beyond Belief aims to unite humanists’ charitable giving/volunteering
Openly Secular
aims to end discrimination against secular people by making our stories and selves more visible
Secular Safe Zone trains facilitators of safe spaces for nontheists at institutions

Get help: Social services (housing, legal, vocational, etc.)

Faith to Faithless is a website that draws attention to the discrimination faced by ex-religious minorities and allows the faithless to publicly speak out
is a NY-based full service social service agency for those looking to leave Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, offering legal and educational/vocational support, financial aid, short-term counseling and support groups, and more
Freedom from Religion Foundation brings lawsuits to keep church and state separate (check out the founders’ fascinating interview with Recovering from Religion!)
Karma Nirvana is a helpline for anyone affected by honor abuse and forced marriage
Secular Safe House is a refuge for the LGBT, ex-religious and ex-cult, aiming to create a global network of secular humanists. Working on a temp housing network.
UK Forced Marriage Unit operates a helpline and casework for British nationals who are victims of forced marriage