Far From Alone

Far From Alone (1)

Here at Max Goes Godless we’re all about breaking tradition. Asking questions. Rethinking things. Owning what we believe. Coming into lives we really love. (Hell yes.)

That’s what led me to start Far From Alone, a spotlight series for people who are doing exactly that.

There are people out there exploring polyamory, getting body positive, healing from homophobia, leaving high-demand religious groups, preaching self-love, and so much more. They’ve got stories to tell — we all do.

So if you feel lost, come see how many people have come before you.

If you’re building yourself some freedom, see how many other people you can come alongside. ❤

  • Megan and Grace Phelps-Roperpreaching compassion and doing good after leaving Westboro Baptist Church — America’s infamous hate group
  • MJ Wallace, rethinking Christianity and embracing pride as a bisexual, polyamorous woman, friend, wife, & mom

Do you have a story to tell? No matter how long or short, where you are in the process, what you are working toward — come tell it. We need to hear it. ❤ 

You can shoot me an email over the Contact form, or drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook (whichever works for you!) I can’t wait to hear from you.