About Max Gets Curious

Hey there! I’m Max, and I’m here to shake up your curiosity.

I’m a writer and aspiring speaker IMG_4676who cheers you on to rethink your world — ’cause there’s just so damn much out there.

I love asking questions, rethinking how I see things, and talking with people who challenge me to see the world in a new light. If you’re into that too, then welcome home!

Max Gets Curious is all about learning, disagreeing, reimagining, healing, being wrong, growing… the stuff that makes us human. I fiercely believe that that’s the stuff we need more of nowadays and the stuff that sets us free.

I write and vlog about everything from self-love & mental health to lifestyle, cultures, & empowerment to polyamory & rethinking family to religious reform & recovering from fundamentalism.

I’m asking questions like,

  • How did going from purity culture to polyamory help me redefine sex and reconnect with my body? (a feature on Removing the Fig Leaf, my most popular post ;))
  • Why do you believe what you do about beauty? What the heck is body positivity and how can it free you from those old beliefs?
  • Can realizing that life has no purpose free you to really live it?
  • Uh, is the idea of soulmates unhealthy? And is marriage REALLY the end goal?
  • Wait, why is the world map positioned that way anyway?
  • How does black and white thinking show up in everyone from neo-Nazis to Evangelical Christians to pro-choice advocates, and how can we be better?

Get curious with me:

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And if you’re looking for people who are questioning and reimagining their lives too, or have your own story to tell, check out Far From Alone. It’s my ongoing series to broadcast stories as diverse as former cult members to body-positive wellness coaches to polyamorous faith questioners. Because as alone as you might feel? You’re so far from it, babe.

The juicy backstory: Why I give a crap about being curious

‘Cause I lived the power of a different perspective, hunny — with all 5 feet, 1 inch of my “biracial, polyamorous former Jesus Freak who came out to Chinese parents” self. Check out the video for the story, or read on!

Me getting baptized… the first time

Here’s a secret: I grew up fundamentalist Christian. Yeah, I was that kid! I passed out Jesus pamphlets in the mall… I wouldn’t touch Harry Potter or non-Christian music with a 10-foot pole… and yep, I memorized Bible verses in church on Friday nights. (I won a medal for memorizing the most. NBD.)

I was convinced that we had all the answers. It was all I knew! Gay people were going to hell (love the sinner though), tattoos were foul, and ugh, Catholics. There was a specific right way to live, and I was all in.

Except… that judgmental, black-and-white thinking was robbing me of really living. I felt like life could be way more vibrant and fun and worth living than this, but I felt so unworthy and incapable of it. I wrestled with disordered eating, got so anxious I would go mute, and struggled under the weight of a high-demand religion that instructed me to put my original self to death. (It ain’t light, but it’s real.)

In high school, I started asking questions. And man, I just haven’t been able to stop since. 😉

I started rethinking what life could be, not just what I was told it should. I realized that I really needed to heal from so much that I was taught.

That’s when I started this blog. I called it Max Goes Godless. At age 17, it was my one safe haven to question the restrictive Christian beliefs I’d always taken as truth.

I had so much to unpack, but sharing my struggles and heartbreak brought me to the little Max Goes Godless community I love today. I get emails and messages from ex-Muslims, former pastors, faith questioners, and 16 year-old LGBTQ+ kids all saying me too! I started recovering and reimagining with you guys.

I ended up slip-n’-sliding out of my faith, realizing I wasn’t straight, and trying to keep the whole shebang quiet… because I knew that once my conservative Chinese American parents found out? Life as I knew it would be over.

But here’s the thing — asking questions, meeting people who made me see the world in a new light, and letting go of old beliefs had already changed life as I knew it.

Rethinking things is what allowed me, on March 19, 2017, to accidentally Kool Aid Man my way out of the closet. My parents informed me they’d no longer financially support me through college: “you’re going to drop out, come home, and live with us.”

But I did something unthinkable: for the first time, I believed that I had the power and a plan to live my own life. I said nah. And nothing, nothing has ever been the same.

Today, I’m living a life I sincerely never dreamed was possible. I’m owning who I am, self-supporting the rest of my degree, loved and loving, and falling in love with being alive. And I freaking love meeting and encouraging others chasing the same thing.

That’s why I blog, make videos, and generally try to live my life shouting this message from the rooftops: YOU OWN YOU! THINKING BIGGER IS LIBERATING!

Come with me!