Resources for Religious Trauma Survival

This list of resources for deconverts and/or Religious Trauma Syndrome survivors is currently geared toward ex-Christians. It has a few for ex-Mormons, but I’d like to expand it for other religions as well! Have suggestions? Message me!

The Art of Leaving (Run by myself and another wonderful Religious Trauma Syndrome survivor!)
Spiritual Abuse Support
Godless in Dixie
No Longer Quivering (for ex-Quiverfull movement members and abused women)
No Longer Quivering Support Group (best suited for ex-Quiverfull movement members and abused women)
Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network
Homeschoolers Anonymous WordPress
Ex-Christian blog posts by
Ex-Mormon bloggers by
Recovery from Mormonism

Forums and Social Media
r/exchristian subreddit
Recovering from Religion Facebook
Godless in Dixie Facebook

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

RTS Info
Videos, recommended reading, and articles by Marlene Winell
Journey Free YouTube channel

Hotlines, Therapy, and Support Groups
The Twelve Steps of Leaving a Religion by The Toast (comedy!)
Find a local United Coalition of Reason group to socialize and volunteer with other nontheists
Find a local Recovering from Religion support group
Recovering from Religion Hotline Project (1-84-I-Doubt-It)
Anonymously connect to secular therapists through the Recovering from Religion Secular Therapy Project
Marlene Winell’s workbook
Release and Reclaim Online Support Group (20-minute chat appointment and $10-$40 monthly fee)
Steps to Recovery by Marlene Winell
Find a secular group in your area

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