Hey there!

I’m Max, and I preach the power of an open mind.


I write and vlog about asking questions and rethinking how you see things. Why? Because I know just how freeing it is to keep your mind flexible.

I’m getting curious about everything from mental health & self love to empowerment & lifestyle to religious reform & generational healing.

If you’re into learning stuff and meeting people who make you see things in new ways, then welcome home!

I’m crazy about the power of new perspectives ’cause, well, as a biracial girl who grew up Evangelical, came out to unaccepting Chinese parents, and basically had Everything She Knew go boom? I know it well. 😉

Today, I speak about thinking outside the box while I self-support the rest of my degree, practice the harp, tai chi, and pole dancing, watch way too much Netflix, etc.

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Now on to the blog…