Hey there!

I’m Max, and I’m a joyful prodigal🙂

I blog about living your best life by learning to love yourself. Facing fears. Growing. Letting love in. Choosing authenticity. Kicking ass. Et cetera. Because even when it costs you, it is worth it.

How do I know?

Weeell, once upon a time, I was a Jesus freak. I was that kid! Born ‘n raised Evangelical, I shunned Harry Potter, bet on becoming a missionary, & medaled in the region for Bible memorization (yeah, bet you’re jealous.)

After secretly losing my faith, realizing I was pansexual, and spending 5 years hiding the whole shebang, I accidentally Kool Aid Man’d my way out of the closet. My parents’ reaction wasn’t storybook… but, going independent bought me a new lease on life and love for myself beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed. (Full story here!)

Today, I am a self-supporting, polyamorous, degree-earning 21 year-old who loves vodka, practices the harp, yoga, and pole dancing, grows like crazy, aims to be a force of hope in this big ole world, and so much more…

I write because I’ve heard so many people say, you give me hope that I can live my own truth one day. Or I’m building my best life too! Or even just damn, that’s a cool ass story. So here I am. Let’s redefine our impossibles together.

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Now on to the blog…